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Guild Leader/Owner DOWN!! Lost my System yesterday, during siege roll, my video card blew and took the rest of the system.. Must have been over spamming that button.  :P For those of you who know my current situation, you know this is an indefinite issue. I have no estimate how long it will be before I can afford a new, computer or card. At the moment, I can not access my account to swap guild leader controls, can't even say I have a plan of action. you can reach me here, till further notice. I will try to check it a few times daily.. or, at HEIL ZOLIPDEM  please, post that info in announcements.

Welcome to the Corivus Bellators guild website!

Our site is still under construction, please pardon our dust.

The Corivus Bellators are an Adult (21+) preferred guild for the Runes of Magic MMO.
All new members will under go a mandatory trial period, before becoming full members of the guild. This is to make sure that both the player & Guild are a good fit for each other.

Our guild prizes Quality over quantity. We are not out to be the biggest, baddest guild. We are here to enjoy the game.

Your Guild-Mistress has a few years of Role Playing experience under her belt, with the library of books to prove it. However, I understand, most of you are not here for Role play. It is not required or expected. Participation in Siege,or other instances isn't either. However, interacting with the group will help us all grow.

I Do Not Believe in Censorship. If you are not 21+ be warned adult discussion and language may occur.  If you or your parents are uncomfortable with it, blacklisting the speaker or leaving the guild are your choices.

If this sounds like a place you might feel at home in, please look around. Drop one of the Guild Admins a line, and we will see about getting you started on your trial period.

Faber Est Suae Quisque Fortunae - Every Man Is The Artisan Of His Own Fortune

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!
By DarqueRaven, Feb 13, 10 6:11 PM

Guild Site Started.. 2-13-10

Upcoming changes: Fleshing out of site, Team Speak server, Current roster of members... and more.

Stay Tuned!

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